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Worldbuilding Exchange 2017

Hello! Relax and have fun, and I hope this is a pleasant exchange for you.

I'm hard to squick (don't take that a challenge) so feel free to go dark in any way you want. I'm fine with rape/noncon, incest, kinky stuff, gore, horror, all of it. I'm fine with major character death, downer endings, and bad guys winning. I can't think of any overall DNWs, and I'll put any canon-specific ones in the right section.

Overall I like explorations of culture and morality from the perspective of the characters in their worlds, how technology has effected a society, myths and legends, pop culture, and explorations of daily life, away from all the world-saving. I like finding out how characters fit (or don't fit) into the restrictions of their culture, though I'd like to avoid issuefic. I also like explorations of mechanics for my game canons.

Don't feel like you have to include all characters. I'm not sure that's even a rule for this exchange. Whatever, write what characters you feel like.

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Yuletide Letter - 2015

I guess I should make a new one

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2015-03-16 09:26 pm

Bad Bang letter

Hi I don't actually care what you write for me because if I wanted something written well I'd write it myself. But you should read these requests carefully anyway, because I took the time to write them for you. Be grateful.

MAKE SURE YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH! Everything in Metal Gear is so realistic, I'd be disappointed in anything that didn't have the precise accuracy of what every single animal in the Russian jungle tastes like. If you can't give me the level of detail I expect out of the canon then just get out. I want to know EXACTLY how ice cubes melt if you shoot them, taking into account how much is is around then AND their shape.

David the Gnome
First off, you MUST adhere STRICTLY to my radical Marxist reading of David the Gnome. David is CLEARLY the bourgeois oppressor, who enslaves the animals under the guise of friendship and progress. He uses Swift as his car, he builds nests for the birds by cutting down the trees they use to put their nests in thereby FORCING a dependence on the gnomes, he forcibly takes bats away from their homes in the name of "protection" but really abandons them, alone and helpless! Down with the hateful gnomocracy! End the oppression!

GI Joe
If you can't write a crossover with Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, just default right now.

Super Mario Bros.
The Super Mario Super Show is the only canon I accept.

Rambo: The Force of Freedom
I really want something exploring Rambo's PTSD from his time in Vietnam, but in a way that keeps in tone with the canon. Remember, this is the Saturnday morning cartoon Rambo, not the movies! Rambo never, ever kills anyone and is a friend to all children!

Jupiter Ascending
I think the movie is about space or something? Space is cool. I haven't seen it but it's popular so I guess it's good. Anyway just write something about space.

I'm really tired....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2013-10-07 09:29 pm

Yuletide letter

oh right I have one of these now

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